There are just a few basic principles of Clean Food.

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Clean food may be suitable for people who like to cook for themselves. In the event that you want to be sure that. It is really clean food or are looking to change your lifestyle to be healthier than before. As well as those who want to increase the strength of the body. Vegetarians or non-vegetarians can opt for a clean diet as well. 

Choose more natural foods

By cutting down on processed and refined foods that lose their nutritional value during the process. Including foods that are flavored with artificial flavors or substances. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar, salt or fat, such as crispy snacks, desserts, fast food and ready meals, etc.

However, following a clean diet doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding all processed or frozen foods. Some are healthy, like eggs or pasteurized dairy products. and frozen vegetables or fruits that are minimally processed which sometimes contain as many nutrients as fresh produce Because it is preserved by freezing while maintaining its maximum freshness UFABET 

Emphasis on nutritional value

When reducing the food that is not helpful. Next is to turn to a healthy diet. By choosing to eat food that has complete nutrients in the right proportion, such as unrefined or processed foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meats and less refined grains, etc.

In addition, if you have time, you may cook at home more often. Or prepare your own food at home instead of choosing to eat at the restaurant outside. To ensure that the food is prepared in the healthiest way possible. Which preparing clean food by yourself is not as difficult as you think. This could start with simple foods like low-fat natural yogurt and berries for breakfast, whole wheat toast, chicken breast, and fruit and vegetables for lunch.

Pay attention to cleanliness and safety.

Another item that many clean eaters care about is cleanliness. From the process of selecting raw materials to preserving and cooking food, such as washing vegetables, fruits or other raw materials with clean water first every time. Or choose organic food (Organic Food) to ensure that it is free from the use of chemicals in the growing process. Keep raw meat separate from other foods by putting it in the refrigerator immediately after purchase. Including cooking at the right temperature. Avoid eating semi-raw foods. To prevent danger from various pathogens that may contaminate food