Baccarat menu in SA Gaming

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First of all, we have to explain that there are up to 16 baccarat rooms in sa gaming where you can choose to play to your heart’s content and enjoy. At the room number s02 to explain all the windows and menus of the gambling game better. Which will be divided into 5 windows and menus as follows. สมัคร ufabet

1. Quick view

In number 1, there is a field that you can easily notice. There will be numbers from s01 –> all the way to –> s16 which means betting room or baccarat table. SA Gaming And it’s convenient to call as needed. There will be a total of 16 rooms to choose from. and the most special with these features Gamblers or experts Can view all roadmaps at a glance See how many times the cards have been drawn. which is the highlight and very important

In order for you to analyze the possibility that the next game, the cards may be on the side that we choose to bet on, some people use baccarat according to the formula that these gamblers have tensed and made statistics on. or accumulate experience in choosing to predict the outcome of the bet And it’s very convenient, just you can click to see each room that you want. without having to leave the room first and then choose This feature makes it very easy and convenient for players to play. Each room will keep Map every card out of the game.

2. Game information

In the second number will tell the status of each table. If there is a number in the green box, it means that we have time to choose a position, which will time 30 seconds, countdown until 0 and some rooms will tell which side wins , blue means the player wins Dong means banker wins or green means draw and also indicates the status of dealing cards. You can choose to switch rooms immediately. just click in the box Rotmap table of each room The system will change the room immediately. making you do not miss the bet

3. Bet Limit

In number 3, see in-depth statistics. Of all the people in this room is a percentage%, let us make decisions in each setting easier, like having a friend play and play with friends. Tell the status of the card game round how many times.

4. Front of the betting board

In number 4 is the betting window. You can choose from 12 types of chips.

5. Player bar

In the number 5 shows the status of the player (User) and financial transaction information. customize settings Time, date while betting and there are 3 lines, the right corner will show the value.