Dragon Tiger is a hot game in online casinos

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Dragon Tiger is a hot game in online casinos. as you know that online casinos have a wide variety of games to choose from which meets the needs of many groups of pilgrims playing Like the popular games now, it will consist of PG SLOT, baccarat, online football betting. But games in the live casino genre Like the Dragon Tiger game, it is equally popular. Today’s article would like to take you all. Let’s get to know Dragon Tiger, the hottest game in online casinos. that there are principles of playing And what are the winning formulas? สมัคร ufabet

Dragon Tiger is a hot game in online casinos.

know dragon tiger game

First, let’s take all the seekers. Let’s get to know the online game first. In fact, Is a card game But there is a way to play and the style is different from other types of cards such as baccarat or blackjack. Because is known as the easiest card game to play. 

Compared to all those card games There is only one rule, which is to choose to bet on either side. And win the face of the card in the hand of the side that chooses to bet with a higher point than the other side You will be the winner. There are only two sides to choose from, namely the blue side or the tiger side. And the red side or the dragon side By measuring the face value of the cards. Only one card is dealt.