Kevin De Bruyne is the world’s best midfielder

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has hailed Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne as the best midfielder in the world right now.

Derby match in Manchester on Sunday night. De Bruyne showed a form of shooting 2 pay 1 helping the “Blues” open the house to beat the “Red Devils” 4-1

, two loud goals. Said to make the Belgian national team star score goals in the Premier League half a hundred is 51 goals

Scholes talks about the young players that. “He is the best midfielder in the Premier League. 

“He did everything. Oken might have a great passer, good possession.

“He has everything you need from a really top midfielder. It’s very difficult to stop him because they have three or four more… Bernardo Silva, Jack Grealish, Phil Foden, they have a great team. They’re a great group of players.” the ufabet report

It was a sublime display from the 30-year-old as City’s midfielders outclassed their opponents and De Bruyne took his Premier League goal tally to 51.

Scholes is not just impressed by his goal-scoring, but everything in his game, with the midfield star contributing assists, defensive work and leadership on the field.

‘He’s the best Premier League midfielder there is and probably the best in the world. I can’t think of anyone else who touches him,’ Scholes told the Premier League.

“Every time he gets the ball, he thinks about scoring goals. He thought of assisting or shooting himself. That’s a great attitude,” he said.