Until 100% Grealish can accept it if he switches to playing Dogu.

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Jack Grealish the Manchester City attacker admits that. He is in the process of rebuilding his fitness to 100%. So it is acceptable if team football manager Josep Guardiola switches to using him with a new player. Jeremie Dogu also has a full tank. When will he change his attitude?

Grealish is an important cog in City’s treble-winning team in 2023. But in August he injured his hamstring in a game against Sheffield United. Causing him to be absent from action for a while. ทางเข้า UFABET Along with Dogu’s better adaptability to the point of having an influence on the attacking game ‘Blue Sailboat’ continues 

The challenge for the starting line-up comes for the 28-year-old attacker. Who got the chance to stand for the full 90 minutes in the Champions League game. Defeating Young Boys Burn 3-0 in midweek with one assist. 

Improved morale along with a good body day and night makes Grealish look forward to the future of becoming a mainstay again. In the meantime, let the rotation go first. 

He told the official website:

“It was my first full 90 minutes in six weeks. That’s what I wanted.”

“Seriously, I want to play every game, the full 90 minutes the better.” 

“But our team is rich in talented players in every position. So I wouldn’t be bold and ask to kick every match. And I don’t think anyone can do it.” 

“The manager of the Stone team already selects the 11 starting players every week.” 

“It is satisfying to play on this team. and see what the team is I love it when I get to go out on the field and play with my teammates.” 

This season, Grealish has played 12 matches in all competitions and has provided two assists. But only half of the game lasted the full 90 minutes .