Winning formula of Dragon Tiger card game in online casino

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Dragon Tiger game is a game that is not difficult to play. and should answer the question. Of people who like card games in online casino not quite a bit.  If you want to start playing new games that are as fun as the old games that are played, Dragon Tiger Online. Should be a game that meets your needs. not quite well The next article we would like to recommend. how to play online casino with confidence to be used in real play. ทางเข้า ufabet

compounding formula

many fortune seekers I know very well that the compounding formula It can be used to play many online casino games. Of which Dragon Tiger is one of them. This formula is considered a standard formula. Because the rollover betting formula is a playing technique that wants to maintain 100% of the funds, by the way, playing is not difficult. But the pilgrim had to have more funds to prepare than usual. in order to be able to stab For example, the first round bets 50 baht, if losing bets. Must roll over to 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600, ect. Although it will increase the bet indefinitely, But when you guess correctly only once. You will get all the money you lost. Return immediately This formula is considered a good formula. and should be applied in many games

odd bet formula

Next is the formula for defeating the Dragon Tiger, which is called odd bet. The players have to notice from the number of cards 1-13, which when you try it well. You will find that the cards have 7 odd numbers and 6 even numbers, meaning that in each play The chance of getting an odd numbered card is up to 70%. So if you are a beginner and don’t have a certain formula to play. We recommend choosing to bet on odd numbers in every round. Because although there is only a 70% chance of being right. But from past surveys Found that the game is often released in a double way, of course.

card stroke formula

Finally, it is a bet from reading the nature or rhythm of the card. Which is not difficult to notice Whenever you see the cards drawn Either way, winning more than 5 times in a row, for example, the tiger side won 5 times in a row, in this event it is considered entering the dragon’s tail successfully. Then in the 6th turn, we can bet on the tiger’s side. When winning the bet in the 7th turn, we can continue to bet on the Tiger side until the dealer loses.