Jurgen Klopp’s right-hand man confirms that Liverpool and Egypt doctors have agreed to send Mohamed Salah back to the club.

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Pep Leanders, Jurgen Klopp’s right-hand man, reveals the Liverpool medical team with the Egyptian medical team Agreed that Mohamed Salah should be sent back to treat his injury with the agency. Because they have the right tools and personnel. Confirm doing this so that Mohamed Salah will be completely cured and will return to play with the Eyagupta army if they make it through to the Afcon battle.

Pep Leanders, assistant manager of Liverpool, confirmed the case of Mohamed Salah, an important striker. Returned for treatment with the agency. It was approved by the Egyptian national medical team. The goal is to get the players fully fit to return to help the Eyagupta army team in the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Mohamed Salah suffered a hamstring injury in Egypt’s 2-2 draw with Ghana on January 18. And the players are preparing to return to the Liverpool for treatment. And if the home nation can make it to the finals They are happy to send Salah back to help the country again.

From this situation, Salah came under heavy criticism, especially from Ahmed Hassan. The legend of the Egyptian national team. Who were dissatisfied with this because they want Salah to stay and support his fellow countrymen in the battle for the Kala Continental Championship. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Salah officially moved to Liverpool. With a club record fee of 42 million pounds. Another main reason why he chose to move to play for the Liverpool. Was to come back and prove himself again. After failing to play for Chelsea, he said he was good enough to play in the Premier League.

And in just his first season with the Liverpool Salah immediately showed what the real thing is like. Having play 52 games in all competitions. Scored 44 goals and provid 16 assists, earning the top scorer rank in the Premier League. And led the team to finish 4th in the table and also led the team to the UEFA finals. Champions League as well, but was heartbroken and lost to Real Madrid 1-3, only getting second place in the championship.

The following season, 2018/2019. Was the year that Liverpool strengthen their players. And played wonderfully extremely strong Including Salah’s goal-scoring form, he is still hot. He play 52 games from all competitions, scoring 27 goals and adding 12. Assists leading the Liverpool to compete for the championship with Manchester. Manchester City was very close. But in the end they missed out at the end of the season. becoming the Chelsea who won the championship. With only one point winning against Salah’s team.